The Front-end Framework for

Beautiful Design

Designed to be different. Designed to be beautiful.

Eden is a front-end web framework focused on beautiful design and unique web development. There are so many similar and let's be honest, just damn right ugly wesbites around nowadays. We want to put a change to this and in the words of Michael Jackson, make the internet a better place. At least I think that's what he said. More importantly, Eden is built with you in mind, from personal experience gained over the years.

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Eden is open source!

Designed and available for everyone, (even Liverpool fans). Eden is 100% free to use and abuse under the MIT licence. You can find the project online on Github and strongly encourgae people to contribute and help us help you. And if you fancy buying me a beer for the sesh with the lads or a large Big Mac meal with strawberry milkshake and an apple pie to help me power through those latest features, that'd be pretty cool.